Which Type Of Magnet For Magnet Fishing?

A magnet used for magnet fishing

The magnet is one of the most important parts of our kit when we are magnet fishing. With that in mind we need to make sure we pick a good one. In this mini guide we will have a look at the two main types and find out which is the best.

Choosing the best magnet for magnet fishing.

There are two types of magnet that you will come across when researching for the best. The first type is a ferrite magnet and the second is called a neodymium magnet.

Ferrite magnets generally have a slate like colour and feel where as neodymium is usually shiny and metallic. Below are two photos, the top is ferrite and the bottom is neodymium.

A photo of a piece of ferrite magnet.
This is a ferrite magnet.
A picture of a neodymium magnet.
This is a neodymium magnet.

The ferrite magnet is a powerful magnet but the neodymium is so much more powerful!

Neodymium magnets are also known as rare earth magnets. They are made of alloys of rare earth metals and there main uses are generally in industry. Especially in the use of computer hard drives. If you would like to read up on them Wikipedia has a very informative page about it.

So which magnet is the best for magnet fishing?

Without a shadow of a doubt the neodymium magnet is better for what we need. It is a lot more powerful for its size and weight. Also the ferrite magnet is very brittle and is prone to shattering. In actual fact my first magnet was a ferrite magnet and it lasted 2 sessions before completely failing.

The ferrite magnet does offer one advantage though. It is a lot cheaper than the neodymium magnet! As the old saying goes though, buy cheap, buy twice.

Is it not worth buying a ferrite magnet?

Honestly no it is not. Do not get me wrong they are great magnets for many applications. Unfortunately magnet fishing is not one of them.

Stick to the more powerful and stronger neodymium. A decent one should last you a long time and you will find that you do not struggle as much holding onto metal objects.

Quite a few sellers on eBay and Amazon are selling ferrite magnets for magnet fishing. Unfortunately many people who are starting out do not realise and end up with a magnet that is not fit purpose. I highly recommend sticking to recommended ones so that you do not end up with a dud.

If you would like to see some of our best magnets for magnet fishing then take a look at our essential gear page. These magnets are tried and tested and are recommended to you.



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