The top 3 fishing magnets for all budgets (US)

If you are in the market for your first ever fishing magnet or if you fancy an upgrade then this list is for you. These are the top 3 magnets for magnet fishing in the US. There is one to suit all budgets so you get the right magnet for your money. All featured magnets are from Amazon as you get the best price and top quality.

The best budget magnet for magnet fishing.

If you are new to magnet fishing or if you want to get involved without spending to much then this magnet is for you.

It comes at a really cheap price but does not skip on quality. I have found quite a few times when it comes to magnets that you often get what you pay for. However this magnet bucks that trend.

The magnet is made by Brute Magnetics who are a market leader in the fishing magnet world. You always get the best quality at a great price. This variant of magnet has a massive 600lb of pulling force which is more than enough for most situations. Below is a list of some of its features and facts:

  • 600lb of pulling force.
  • 2.95 inches diameter.
  • Top attached eyebolt (included).
  • A bottle of threadlock to make sure that your eyebolt does not slip.
  • The magnet is protected by a 1/4 steel cup. This stops any chipping and damage from use.

I highly recommend this magnet to anybody who is just starting out in the hobby. You get a great magnet without having to spend to much money to get into the hobby. If you would like to view the best price on amazon please click the image below.

The best intermediate fishing magnet.

This next magnet is one of my personal favourites. It is a double sided magnet which I find makes my find rate skyrocket.

It comes with a huge 1700lb of pulling force. However it is worth noting that this is devised by both sides of the magnet. So each side has a pulling force of 850lb. This is large enough to pull out even the heaviest of finds. Below is a list of some facts and features:

  • 1700lb total pull force.
  •  Ultra strong M10 eyebolt.
  • Double sided magnet helps increase finds rate.
  • Triple layer coated to increase durability.
  • A massive 3.7 inches in diameter.

This is a really strong magnet. I am not saying that a beginner cannot use it. However I do recommend that extra care is taken to avoid any accidents as it will easily trap you. This fishing magnet would make the perfect upgrade if you have been using a smaller magnet.

If you would like to see the best price available then click on the magnets image below. This will take you straight to Amazon where I found the best price.

The best ultra strong fishing magnet.

Now this next magnet is something else completely. It is in a whole new league in terms of pulling power.

The same as our first magnet it is made by Brute Magnetics so is of the best quality available. It is the largest magnet that we here at Magnet Fishing Pro feature. This is because there is no need to go any bigger than this. It will quite literally pull in every single find imaginable!

Below is a little about this crazy magnet:

  • A huge 1146lb pulling force from a single side.
  • N52 grade neodymium fishing magnet.
  • M12 eyebolt for extra strength.
  • Massive 4.72 inch diameter.

This is the absolute Goliath of magnets and is not for the inexperienced. Approach with real caution!

As always if you would like to see the awesome price on Amazon click the below image!

Which ever of these magnets you choose to purchase I am sure you will love it. They are all great and there is one for all budgets.

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