The most ironic magnet fishing find (video).

A magnet used for magnet fishing

This was my first ever attempt at magnet fishing, nearly 4 years ago!

I built the magnet fishing rig from scrap bits of metal from work. It was well before I found out that there was specialist magnets available for magnet fishing. The rig weighed an absolute ton and was a nightmare to throw in. It had 2 magnets attached to some slotted channel and a bottle to keep it upright.

Before you watch the video I will warn you that if you are expecting swords, weapons or ordinance you will be disappointed. This video set out to find them things. However the reality ended up being totally different.

There was one find (?!) though towards the end of the video. It turned out to be the most ironic find you could get when magnet fishing. Do you want any chips with that Sir?


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