The Best Magnet Fishing Tips For 2021.

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This blog post is a thrown together list of all my favourite magnet fishing tips and tricks here at Magnet Fishing Pro. These are the things I have learned in my many years taking part in this hobby. Hopefully, some of them will be new to you and will save you time, energy and money. See if there is some that you did not already know.

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There is such a thing as a magnet that is too powerful.

That is right you heard it here first! Do not waste your money on a magnet that is too powerful. There are some stupidly crazy magnets out there and they will do no good at magnet fishing.

For an example look at this insane one for sale on Amazon.  I am not sure what you will pull up with this one, a car maybe?!

If a magnet is too powerful then you will struggle to release it from your finds. Also what happens if you snag it on a perfectly flat bit of metal like an overhead bridge. You will not be getting it back in one piece. As a guide, I would recommend a magnet with a pulling force of 500kg or less. Much more than that and you could find yourself struggling. If you are searching for the perfect magnet that is not to powerful then have a look at our Magnet fishing kit page.

A photo of a really powerful magnet.
Do not get a magnet that is too powerful to handle….

Take home all of your magnet fishing finds.

This one goes without saying really. Always take home your finds, even the scrap ones. I have known people that have slung what they do not want back in the river. This is bad for a number of reasons, one being the image of the hobby.

What I do is take all my finds home no matter how big or small. I then save them up in my garage and every so often sorts through them. If I have a large enough pile of scrap I take it all down to my local scrap yard and weigh it in. I then get paid for my scrap metal and also help to keep the environment clean. A win-win situation for all and one of my best magnet fishing tips.

Use a grappling hook for awkward finds.

This is a neat little magnet fishing tip. One of the best magnet fishing accessories to have is a grappling hook. When your magnet gets stuck to some of the bigger finds or if it is not getting a good enough hold a grappling hook will help.

You can cast it in behind the find and use it to latch on. This then gives you another hold on the find allowing you to pull it in easier. It really does help a lot once you learn how to use it effectively.

In the below YouTube video DrasticG uses one to effectively pull out a motorcycle from a Canal in the UK.

Know what to do if you find an explosive.

There are lots of unsavoury things hiding away in the water. Some things can cut you and give you nasty infections. Other things can explode and create a major incident. The chances are slim but it can happen and it is best to be prepared for it.

If you happen to pull out some form of old and rusty explosive then stop what you are doing and call the authorities. They will happily come and take over and make it safe. If you would like to read up on what to do when you find something dangerous check out this blog post.

Wear a decent pair of safety gloves.

I have learnt this the hard way so many times in my life, nasty cuts including cut tendons. Now I wear gloves for nearly any activity which carries a risk like this.

When I first started magnet fishing I only had a little baby magnet with about 90kg of pull force. I unwrapped it out of its transport box and had a play about with it. Suddenly it came into contact with a nearby bit of metal and clamped down. It would not of been so bad if the web of skin between my thumb and finger wasn’t between it. A painful lesson learnt and a week long blood blister!

I recommend a good pair of waterproof safety gloves, this will keep your hands safe and also stop some of the bacteria from the water. We have some decent pairs on our essential kit page.

Always try magnet fishing near a bridge.

A photo of a canal bridge.
Bridges are a magnet fishers treasure chest.

This magnet fishing tip has got me some really nice finds. Just think about the number of times over the years people have used the bridge to cross the water. People always throw things off the side of the bridge to get rid of or hide something. This is particularly the case with weapons used in a crime.

By magnet fishing next to or underneath a bridge you are getting yourself a prime position. Welcome to finds central! And this one brings me to the last magnet fishing tip in this blog post.

Save up all your scrap finds.

This tip is one that will put a bit of cash in your back pocket, you may not believe it but you can easily pay back your initial purchase costs in no time at all. You should really be taking home and disposing of all of your scraps finds any way but if you save them up and take them to a scrap yard you can make a fortune.

Nearly all scrap yards will pay you in cash or cheque for your scrap iron I do this twice a year and get a nice chunk of money for it. There are several other ways to make money magnet fishing which I wrote about in this blog post, give it a read if you are interested.

Research, research and research…

This is literally one of the best magnet fishing tips that I can give you, research is your friend.

If you can spend a couple of hours researching your local areas it will make an incredible investment. Check for old maps online to show any old bridges that may now be demolished. Speak to the elder generation to find out if they know of any stories or any history of the local waterways.

There is so much information out there and by finding out these little facts and secrets you arm yourself with knowledge. You can then use this knowledge to your advantage and increase your potential finds rate. Also, this can drastically improve the quality of your finds. Magnet fishing in areas that are rich in history will give more and better finds. I learnt this tip from metal detecting and used it in my magnet fishing.

Whilst we are on the subject of research I would like to recommend having a read of our ultimate magnet fishing guide, this guide has everything you could ever want to know about the hobby from start to finish!

In conclusion.

I really hope that you have found this blog post of magnet fishing tips some use. I will continue to update it as I find more. It would be great to hear from you in the comments section if you have any to share with us all. Good luck out there and stay safe!



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