The best double sided fishing magnet for sale.

There are so many different magnets out there to choose from, so which should you buy? Well in my personal opinion the best magnet is a double sided one. It doesn’t matter if you are using it for magnet fishing or as a retrieval magnet. It will bring you more success than a single sided magnet.

The reason for this is because it can attract metal from both sides. This means that it is far more likely to attach onto the target with less effort and chance. In my outings I have always found that I have had a bigger hit rate when using a double sided magnet and I believe you will too. So this brings us to the question….

Which is the best double sided fishing magnet?

If you are from the US then the 770kg magnet is not available. However they do offer the exact same magnet albeit with slightly more power at 1700lbs pulling force! I highly recommend this magnet to my US readers if you are looking for the best double sided fishing magnet. To check out the best available price click this link

Without a shadow of doubt the  Wukong 770kg Magnet is the best double sided fishing magnet that I have ever used.

It has a 94mm circumference and is 40mm deep making it a very good overall size. It attaches to ferrous metals with absolute ease and once it bites it does not let go. The total combined pulling force of this magnet is 770kg or 385kg per side. It will pull out nearly any object you will find when magnet fishing or using it as a retrieval magnet.

Attached to the top is a stainless steel M10 eyebolt that is ultra strong and ready to couple up to your length of rope. The magnet itself is triple coated so that it stays in tip top condition for longer. I honestly think that if you do not lose it in the water then this magnet will last a very long time!

Many magnet fishers use this magnet and it has been tried and tested now for quite sometime. I have not a single bad thing to say about it and neither have I heard a bad word said either. So if you are serious about magnet fishing and want the best equipment I highly recommend using this one. It will be the only double sided fishing magnet that you will need.

Below is a brief review of the magnet with some facts and stats. There is also a link that will take you to the item on Amazon. This is where I bought it from at an incredibly cheap price. If you do decide to buy it please come back and leave a comment saying how you got on with it.



Wukong 770kg double sided magnet.


Pulling force


Durability and build quality






Eye strength



  • Very strong magnet
  • Strong eyebolt
  • Will pull out even the heaviest finds
  • The only magnet you will need
  • Double sided so higher finds rate


  • Extra strength = extra weight
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