The best beginners magnet fishing setup US – 880lb Brute box review

The best starter magnet fishing kit, Brute Box review.

If you are new to magnet fishing and want to be able to buy all the necessary items in one go then this is for you. Brute Magnetics have released their Brute box 880lb magnet fishing kit. It comes with all the basics that you need and is of great quality. This is the perfect starter kit. In this review, we will look at what you get, the quality and see if it is value for money.

What is in the box?

The Brute Magnetics Brute Box  featured in this review is the perfect starter magnet fishing kit. It contains everything you need to get started. You will get:

  • A high quality safety box and carry case for transporting your fishing magnet.
  • One 880lb pull force neodymium fishing magnet.
  • A strong stainless M10 stainless steel eyebolt to tie you rope too.
  • One 5600lb test strength carabiner.
  • 65ft of high quality, 1300lb breaking strain rope.
  • A bottle of threadlock to make sure that you do not lose that precious magnet.

How powerful is the magnet?

A photo of the fishing magnet being tested
The Magnet is pretty strong…

At 880lb of pulling force, the magnet is pretty damn powerful. It is not the most powerful magnet that we have tested and reviewed but it is a great magnet. It is perfectly placed for anyone looking at getting into the hobby and is powerful enough for some of the larger finds you will encounter. You will have no problem hoisting out cash boxes and safes with it that’s for sure!

Is it a quality product and will it last?

As with all Brute Magnetics products you get the best quality products. Everything about this kit feels great. The carry case is made with good materials and feels very sturdy.

The magnet itself is protected in a 1/4 inch steel cup to stop it from suffering from chips and damage. There is the usual coating on the actual magnet to stop the elements from corroding it.

You get 65ft of quality double braided rope with a 1/4 inch thickness. The rope is rot and UV fade-resistant so will last for years to come.  I have no quality concerns at all for this full magnet fishing kit.

Value for money.

For the little that this kit costs and the quality of the products I think it represents excellent value for money. You are getting a really good magnet, storage and everything else that you need to get started. In actual fact, the only other item that you will need to purchase is a pair of gloves. I really do recommend this starter magnet fishing kit to anyone who wants an entry point into the hobby. I would even recommend it to someone who has been magnet fishing for a while and wants to broaden their kit. It really is that good! If you do decide to purchase this magnet fishing kit let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts on its performance and quality. Happy Magnet Fishing!


Brute Box 880lb starter kit.


Pulling force


Durability and build quality






Eye strength



  • All you need to get started
  • Good pulling force
  • Excellent value for money
  • Trusted brand
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