Single VS Double Sided Magnets For Magnet Fishing.

A double and single sided fishing magnet
Which is the best single or double sided fishing magnets?

Many people who are thinking about starting magnet fishing will browse through different neodymium fishing magnets and notice one thing, some have one side and some have two sides. So what is the reason for this and is a single sided magnet better than a double sided one? In this blog post, we will be taking a look at the various different features and reasoning behind each type of magnet.

Single or double sided magnet for magnet fishing.

For those who just want the answer quickly and do not want to stick around for the reasonings then I will briefly explain which magnet is the best.

Is a double sided magnet better for magnet fishing than a single sided magnet? There are a few different reasons why a double sided neodymium magnet may be better than a single sided magnet for magnet fishing. Twice the magnetic surface area, less chance of snagging, however, a lot of it is down to personal preference. Both types will ultimately find you underwater treasures and allow you to bring them to the surface, which is what you require from your fishing magnet. 

Read on though to see why there may be added positives and negatives to each of the types of fishing magnets.

The positives and negatives of single and double sided fishing magnets.

In the below tables I have listed all of the positives and negative points to both single and double sided fishing magnets.

Single sided neodymium fishing magnet positives and negatives.

Positives Negatives
Often more powerful than double sided.Less surface area to stick to ferrous metal.
Less weight than a double sided magnet.More likely to snag on underwater plants or discarded rope ect.
Often a little bit cheaper to purchase.

Double sided Neodymium fishing magnet positives and negatives.

There is more surface area on a double sided magnet.Double sided magnets are a lot heavier for the same amount of pull force.
If the magnet was to flip over it will still have a magnetic side faced down.The advertised pulling force is the combined power of both magnets so the force of each side is effectively halved.
They are more streamlined which presents less chance of snagging.

In conclusion.

As mentioned before there are benefits and negatives to each of the different types of fishing magnets. You will find magnetic treasures in the water with either of them so in the single sided vs double sided fishing magnet debate I honestly think it is down to personal opinion and choice.

Some people are adamant that one type is better and more effective than the other but I think that the difference is so minimal that it is not worth arguing about, just go with the one that has enough power, is the best quality and above all you like the look of best.


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