Selling your metal detecting finds, is it right and where?

A photo of an auction where you can sell your metal detecting finds
Auctions are a great place to sell your finds.

When it comes to metal detecting finds there are a lot of people who say you should not sell them. They say that it is wrong but in my opinion cannot really justify a reason as to why. I do not see it like this, the way I look at it is that if you already have one of the finds or if it does not fit in your collection then why keep it? Why not let somebody else have it in their collection at a price?

At the end of the day when we go out treasure hunting we end up bringing back loads of different finds home and unless you live in a mansion you soon find yourself running out of storage space. In this situation I think that selling your finds is the right thing to do, metal detecting is not like fishing where you can catch something and throw it back if you don’t want it. Once you have dug up a find you have to take it home with you unless of course, it is something dangerous.

A photo of a metal detecting find
Some hammered coins can go for very high prices so if you do not want it why not sell it?

When is it wrong to sell a metal detecting find?

There are of course some situations when selling a find is a bad idea. I will list these below:

  • If the metal detecting find is an item of possible treasure that has not been declared you should definitely not go and sell it. Instead it should be taken to your local PAS representative who will in turn report it to the coroner. If the find is not declared treasure then you are free to sell it if you wish.
  • It would not be wise to sell a metal detecting find if you have found it on land that you do not have permission to be on. You could already be in trouble but that will add to your problems.
  • If your metal detecting on land you have permission to be on but your landowner wants to see all important finds you should not sell the find unless the farmer has given permission for you to do this.

Where can you sell your metal detecting finds?

Money made from selling metal detecting finds
You could make a lot of money from selling unwanted metal detector finds.

I have a few different places where I have tried selling my finds that are not wanted. Below are three of them in order of my personal favourite.

Selling metal detecting finds on eBay.

I have sold quite a few of my finds over the years, things I have duplicates of, or things that I do not want in my collection. One of my favourite places to sell my unwanted finds is eBay. I find that I get really good prices for them on there as there are quite a few serious collectors who scan through the listings looking for interesting items.

Not only that but every now and again I will receive an email from the promotions team offering me £1 maximum selling fees for hundreds of items over a set time period. This is only usually a couple of days but that is plenty of time to list my unwanted finds for sale. I believe the usual fees are somewhere around 10% so it is definitely worth looking out for those emails if you want to offload a few finds. By far eBay is the best place to sell your finds. It has a huge audience and the selling fees can be really cheap if you time it right.

Selling your finds at an auction house.

I have tried using auction houses a few times and you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a buyer there that wants your find especially now that most auction houses also have online bidding.

However, I found that you lose such a big cut of the money from the sale that it is not really worth it. There are taxes and premiums to pay and by the end of it you can end up paying out around 20% of your profits, which is a bit of a kick in the stomach!

In my personal opinion there are better options out there for selling your unwanted metal detecting finds. If you struggle to sell them else where then an auction house is definitely worth it as a last resort.

A photo depicting an auction
Auction houses provide plenty of buyers for your finds but charge high commission.

Selling metal detector finds on Gumtree or other selling sites.

Back in the day I used to love selling on Gumtree. I found there were lots of people searching for things of interest and you will always get some interest in what you have for sale. However there has been a noticeable decline in users which I think is down to rival selling sites.

One of the main ones is the Facebook selling pages. Personally, I do not use Facebook but my wife does and when we need to sell something it is usually on there and it gets snapped up pretty quickly. If you use Facebook then I think it will be worth your time selling your metal detecting finds on there as there are no fees to pay.

My final thoughts on selling your metal detecting finds.

To sum up this blog post I just want to say that I think it is perfectly fine to sell your metal detecting finds. You found it and as long as it was all legal and the landowner is fine with it then there is no reason not to sell it if you do not need it or want it.

Do not worry about the stigma. Look how many metal detecting finds are for sale on the likes of eBay ect, everyone is selling their unwanted metal detecting finds. They just do not want to admit it. Hopefully, you have now also found the perfect platform to get selling for the best price and least hassle!

Happy hunting all.



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