Garrett Ace 250 metal detector review, best beginner detector?

The Garrett Ace 250 metal detector is without doubt one of, if not the most popular metal detectors. The reason for this is through years of good experiences by its users.  I do not want this review to be the same as all the others out there, just churned out facts and stats by someone who does not have any experience with the Ace 250. I will be writing this from the view of my own personal experiences and that of my friends as well.

Let’s find out if the Garrett Ace 250 really is the best metal detector for beginners.

Garrett Ace 250 metal detector review.

A photo of the Garrett Ace 250
The colour of the Garrett Ace 250 is like marmite, you will either love it or hate it!

Well I can’t think of any better place to start in this Garret Ace 250 review than how it looks. It is a bit like marmite really you will either love it or hate it.  Me personally, I do not mind it’s bright yellow control box and arm rest but I know others do. One things for certain though you will not lose it.

Looks aside, the Ace 250 is a great metal detector. This has been shown by the huge amount of people who have started the hobby and stuck with it after cutting their detecting teeth using it.

So what is so good about the Ace 250?

Well it’s a powerful metal detector that is packed with features at a stupidly cheap budget metal detector price. It is easy to use and set up and is perfect for anyone who is looking to get into metal detecting.

I myself started out with this metal detector and used it for a couple of years until I upgraded. Even when I upgraded I cannot say that my finds rate increased. I found just a much with the Ace 250 as I did with more expensive machines.

I have a friend who still uses the Ace 250 and regularly finds more than I do with my Minelab Safari! He pulls up everything from hammered silver coins to small and fine rings. If there is something there to find the Garrett Ace will not miss it, that is a fact!

Setting up the Garrett Ace 250.

A photo of the Garrett Ace 250 control box
The Garrett Ace 250 control box is very easy to understand and use.

The above photo is what the Ace 250 metal detectors control box looks like. As I mentioned earlier it is very simple to use. I would go as far as to say that it is a switch on and go metal detector.

A press of the power button will switch the unit on and then you are ready to choose one of the modes. At first I recommended that you stick to one of the standard preset modes such as coins or jewellery. Once you have gotten used to it and the different bell tones that it makes on various finds you can switch to all metal.

Using all metal mode will cut out discrimination and allow you to search deeper. It will pick up iron such as nails and screws but will trial and testing you will be able to eliminate these through the sounds.

I found through testing that you can use the Ace 250 at near full sensitivity on most ground types. Although it did not like the wet sand on the beach very much and was quite unstable. However on the dry sand it was a breeze to metal detect.

Ace 250 best settings

This is totally a personal choice and is something that you will decide on upon using the detector for a while. However my best settings for the Garrett Ace 250 are as follows:

  • Sensitivity: one bar off full power.
  • Discrimination: knock out the first iron bar.
  • Mode: all metal mode.

With these settings you want to be digging every signal that repeats both ways. That means when you swing across the target both directions you get a good signal each way. Ideally though when first starting out you need to dig all signals so you can learn what the machine is telling you.

Is the Garrett Ace 250 good on the beach?

The answer to the above question is both yes and no. The Garrett Ace 250 is good on the dry sand part of the beach. In fact it is perfect in this environment. You will find that it effortlessly detects there and if there is a signal to find it will find it.

However as soon as you get onto the wet sand you will find that it becomes completely unstable. I have in the past tried to work on the wet sand with it but with all the false signals you end up just chasing your own tail.  This metal detector is made for land and the dry part of the beach.

How deep does the Garrett Ace 250 detect

A picture of a deep hole
How deep can the Garrett Ace 250 detect?

Well if you look at the decal on the lcd screen it says 8 inches. This however is just a depth guide. I found that coins and other small items were generally found at depths of 6-8 inches maximum. Larger items could be a little deeper up to around 10 inches.

This sort of depth is more than adequate for metal detecting on ploughed fields or dry sand beaches. Anymore depth than that really is overkill and unnecessary, especially when just starting out in the hobby.

Is the Ace 250 waterproof?

Unfortunately not. To be honest though not many of the lower priced metal detector are. I used to use mine just fine in light rain showers though. As long as you do not submerge the detector fully you should be absolutely fine. It is worth mentioning though that the coil ad stem are waterproof it is just the control box that is not.

Is the Garrett Ace 250 the best beginners metal detector?

In my honest opinion yes. I myself started with this detect and it set me on the right path and found me a lot of exciting and interesting finds including coins and rings. My detecting buddy still uses one and usually finds more than I do! There have been thousands of these metal detectors sold over the years and people still keep using them to this day. It is also an excellent budget metal detector compared to many of the others. Proving a cheap way to get into what can be an expensive hobby.

I really do think that the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector is the best beginners metal detector. It is affordable and offers unrivalled performance in the price bracket that it is in. It  is well built and very reliable and is made by one of the most established brands out there. I hope that this Garrett Ace 250 review has persuaded you to buy one. It is a great machine and a great hobby to get started in.

Below you will see I quick review and a link to the cheapest available price for the Ace 250 at Amazon.

I will now leave you with a cool video review of this awesome detector, enjoy!



Garrett Ace 250






Build quality




Ease of use



  • Best beginners metal detector
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Very cheap for performance
  • Tried and loved over many years
  • Perfect for adults and children


  • Bright yellow plastics do not appeal to some
  • Not completely waterproof
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