Cscope CS4pi metal detector review.

This is a review of the Cscope CS4pi metal detector which is a pulse induction metal detector. It is an absolute beast for metal detecting on the beach especially on the wet sand. Lets get into this review.

Cscope CS4pi pulse induction metal detector review.

When I first started metal detecting all those years ago I really struggled on the beach. I could not afford to spend nearly £1000 on one of Minelabs multi frequency machines. This left me trying to work out what my Garret ACE250 was trying to tell me on the wet sand. Usually it was a case of a false signal.

This is because of the mineralisation of the salty wet sand. You see a standard single frequency machine really struggles to work on mineralised ground like this. Even when it says it works you will usually find it does not.

After numerous times and failures I decided I had to do something about it. I still could not afford a high end machine so delved into a bit of research. Everything I read brought me back to the same machine….

The Cscope CS4PI.

Cscope are a British manafacturer of metal detectors for security and hobby. There products are second to non in terms of build quality and performance for pound.

One of their best selling metal detectors is the CS4pi pulse induction metal detector. It was the one that popped up every time I was reading about detecting on wet sand.  Pulse induction works differently to a normal metal detector. It sends small electrical pulses deep into the ground and then measures the decay of that electric field.

Because of this it does not react to salty water and wet sand like a VLF metal detector does. This means that you can effortlessly walk around metal detecting the wet sand without a single false signal!

Is the Cscope CS4pi easy to use?

A photo of the Cscope CS4pi control box
The Cscope CS4pi has a very simple to use control box layout.

The Cscope CS4pi is one of the easiest to use metal detectors that you will ever find. It literally has two controls.  These are:

  • ON and power switch- This switches the unit on and then increases the power.
  • Pulse frequency- this dial sets the pulse frequency, so you can choose how many pulses the machines fires out.

Next to the dials there is a green area which it is recommended that you keep within. All you have to do is spin the dials to there and you are ready to start metal detecting.

How well does the Cscope CS4pi metal detector work?

The Cscope CS4pi is an incredible metal detector for working the beach. It seamlessly goes along the wet sand without falsing and chattering.

It is also an incredibly powerful metal detector and I found that I could find targets well over 10 inches deep on the wet sand. On larger targets it can be a lot deeper even still.

Because the Cscope CS4pi is a pulse induction metal detector there is no discrimination. You will literally have to dig every signal to know what it is. This means that you will dig up quite a lot of iron although the bonus is you will not miss any finds.

My bonus tip for anyone that purchases this metal detector is this. After a little use you will get used to the sounds and the subtle differences in the tone. I found that with good signals such as coins and rings there is a kind of fizzy sound to the tone. Where as with a big old lump of iron it sounds much more blunt. You can also tell by moving the coil over the target in multiple directions if it is a small or large target. This all takes practice though.

A photo of the CS4pi metal detector
The Cscope CS4pi ready for some wet sand metal detecting.

Do you recommend the Cscope CS4pi metal detector?

Yes I do. It is an awesome metal detector for anyone that wants to take beach metal detecting seriously. It will out perform even the most expensive multi frequency metal detectors on the wet sand due to its pulse induction. There is one down side to it though. On land it is far to powerful and suffers due to no discrimination. It is cheap enough though to be your dedicated beach metal detector.

I know that if you enjoy beach metal detecting you will not regret buying this metal detector. It does everything it says on the tin and is easy and light to use.

A video of the Cscope CS4pi metal detector.

My good friend Addictedtobleeps did an awesome video review a few years back of the Cscope CS4pi metal detector. Since then Cscope have changed the control box, coil and stem to a black colour. The machine and it’s internals are all still the same though and it performs the same. Have a look at the video below and see how well and easy this metal detector performs on the wet sand.

Now below is a quick look at the Cscope CS4pi and it’s features. There is also a button that will take you to the best available price on amazon. You will get free delivery and it is also direct from Cscope so you will benefit from there amazing customer service. If you do decide to purchase this metal detector let me know how you get on with it. I hope you have enjoyed this Cscope CS4pi metal detector review and may your next find be of the gold type!



Cscope CS4pi metal detector






Build quality




Ease of use



  • The best beach metal detector
  • Great value
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate and set up
  • Excellent customer service


  • Control box not fully waterproof
  • Not the best for on land
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