You Can Make Money Magnet Fishing With These Awesome Ideas.

A photo of some cash made by magnet fishing.
This is how you can make cash magnet fishing.

I was googling magnet fishing again today looking for the most asked questions. It is something that I do because it gives me ideas to write about on this magnet fishing blog. I find what people are asking Google about magnet fishing and then I answer it! One of the asked questions was “can you make money magnet fishing?” I found this a funny question but it did get me thinking. So how can you go magnet fishing for profit?

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Can you make money magnet fishing?

Yes you can. Some of these techniques will earn you a little pocket money whilst others could earn a lot more. Below I am going to go through 3 ways that you can make some money by going magnet fishing and how to do it. This post is just a bit of fun and nothing too serious. Maybe it will give some of you some inspiration or maybe not!

if you can think of any other cool ways to make money magnet Fishing why not comment below.

Earn money with a magnet fishing YouTube channel.

That’s right you could earn a stack of money on YouTube. Believe it or not, Magnet fishing videos are very popular on there at the minute. You can simply record your magnet fishing trip and upload it to YouTube.

On average you will receive between £2-4 ($2-4) per 1000 views that your video receives. Now that may not sound like a lot but it soon adds up as your subscriber count grows.  I used to make metal detecting videos that I put on YouTube. When I started magnet fishing around 4 years ago I decided to make a quick video of my first ever try. I hardly put in any effort compared to my metal detecting videos as I thought not many would watch them. It was filmed on my camera phone with terrible sound quality, I was using a huge heavy rig in a time before the nice magnets we have now. To top it off I never found anything except ironically a fish!

The video went on to be viewed 230,000 times and earned me around £350 ($400). I have a few other magnet fishing videos that have earnt close to that as well. I will put the video below for anyone who wants to have a watch.

YouTube is by far the best way to earn money magnet fishing. The more videos you make and subscribers you get then the more money you make. It is totally scalable. So if you have a personality where you are not scared to jump in front of a camera then give it a try.

Swapping your scrap metal for cash.

This is one that anyone who takes part in magnet fishing should be doing. Every single bit of scrap metal that you find can be saved up until you have a big pile.

Once you have a worthwhile amount you can pop down to your local scrapyard. They will quite happily swap it for cash. At the time of writing this blog post scrap iron is around 17 pence per kg. Although this does not sound like much it would be quite easy to find a few pounds/dollars worth every time you go magnet fishing.

A picture of some common magnet fishing finds

The other added benefit to this is that you are cleaning up the water and also recycling all the crap. A win-win situation for all and some cash in your pocket for doing it. It is a really simple way of making some money magnet fishing.

Selling your better finds.

For many, this will not be appealing in the same way as selling your metal detecting finds. There has always been some kind of stigma attached to selling your finds.

However, if you do not mind selling your finds then there is always this option. There are collectors of pretty much anything you can think of out there. They will buy anything old or interesting.

We find quite a lot of old and interesting items such as knives, memorabilia and other bits. If you do not have any interest in collecting it yourself someone else out there will do and will pay money for it. I always find that eBay is a decent place to sell off any unwanted finds.

In conclusion…..

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post. It is supposed to be a lighthearted look at ways that you can go magnet fishing for profit and I hope no one has took offence with the selling of finds part. If anyone else has any other cool ways to make some money with magnet fishing then let us know in the comment section!

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