What to do if you find a gun or weapon when magnet fishing.

Magnet fishing dangers.

Magnet fishing is a rapidly expanding hobby. So many people are taking part at so many locations around the world. Whilst most magnet fishing trips go absolutely fine there will be a few hazards along the way. Just think about all of the different things that are in the water! All of the years of people dropping and throwing things in there. It goes without saying that some of these finds could be a danger to ourselves. For that reason, we need to take care and be aware. Above all, we all need to know what to do if we do find something a little suspicious. In this mini guide we will go through what can be found, what we should do about it and ways we can try to reduce magnet fishing dangers.

What dangerous items are there to be found?

The list is absolutely endless. There can be so many items that are potentially dangerous to health. After a couple of wars and lots of criminal activities there could be quite a few nasty items. Here is a list of some of the more common dangerous finds.

  • Old and modern guns.
  • Numerous hand grenades.
  • Old wartime artillery and bombs.
  • Knives and swords.

There can and will be many other items so be aware.

A photo of a grenade found when magnet fishing
Grenade found when magnet fishing.

What to do if you find a gun or explosives when magnet fishing.

If you find a gun or find something that looks like it could be an explosive use you common sense. Handle it as little as possible. Just because it looks old and rusty it doesn’t mean that it can’t go bang!

The next stage is to ring the police, use a non-emergency number though. They should dispatch someone pretty sharpish to come and take over.

Whilst you are waiting for the police to show up make sure that no one tried to handle it. Kids and teenagers can be very curious and may try to grab it and play about with it so keep them away.

Once the police do get there they will either take it away or call in bomb disposal depending on what it is that you have found.

The final step is to give yourself a pat on the back and take a breather 🙂

Why would you find guns and explosives when magnet fishing?

As I said earlier we have obviously had two big wars recently and this has meant that there has been a lot of explosive items thrown around. Unexploded bombs and grenades can be major hazards along with anti-aircraft weapons and un-fired bullets.

Then you have all the years of criminal activity. Unsavoury sorts have robbed post offices for years. Gangs have fought with guns and all sorts of other horrible stuff! For some reason the hiding place of choice for the weapons involved has usually been a canal, river or lake. We then come along and find the weapon they though would be gone for eternity. Can you imagine all the old cons panicking with the increasing numbers of people magnet fishing!

A photo of a gun found magnet fishing
A gun found when magnet fishing.

Can you avoid finding dangerous things when magnet fishing?

No, unfortunately you cannot avoid these finds if you are magnet fishing. Guns, grenades and explosives are part and parcel of magnet fishing.  Just use your common sense and take care. Be aware of the magnet fishing dangers and take caution with any find that you cannot easily identify.

So many people are enjoying this amazing hobby and there are not many people having bad experiences so don’t let any of this put you off.

Take care, stay safe and have fun!

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