Make sure you choose the right magnet fishing magnets

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Choosing the right magnet fishing magnet can be difficult sometimes.

I have read a few forum and blog posts recently where the poster has been unhappy with a purchase. If you do no choose the correct magnet fishing magnets you may just be wasting your money. When I first started out in this hobby there wasn’t a huge following. There certainly wasn’t blogs and websites to guide you to make the right choice. Because of this I learned the hard way and bought a couple of stinkers!

I did mention this is an earlier blog post about the difference between neodymium and ferrous. If you would like to read it this Link will take you to it. The basics though is that there are two different types of magnets. Ferrous and neodymium.

Ferrous magnets are good magnets but they are not good for magnet fishing. They are brittle and nowhere near as powerful for their size as neodymium. Where as neodymium are the best magnet fishing magnets. They are less likely to chip and fracture and are super powerful for their size and weight.

Unfortunately though some people are still getting caught out by them on amazon and eBay. They are so much cheaper to buy and may look like a real bargain but as the saying goes “buy cheap, buy twice”.

I highly recommend sticking to magnets that are tried and tested. This way you know you are going to get the real deal before having to part with your hard earned cash!

The best magnet fishing magnets.

As I said I strongly recommend sticking to used and trusted magnets until you know what to look for. There are so many sellers now trying to fob buyers off with miss sold ferrous magnets. Some are even going to the lengths of spraying them with silver paint to make them look like neodymium!

You can avoid these pitfalls by making sure that you buy your magnet from a reputable company. Yep, you may end up paying  a couple of extra dollars (pounds) but it will save you money in the long run. Trust me I learnt my lesson the hard way when I was selecting my first magnet fishing magnets!

So now I would like to share with you my own favourite magnets for magnet fishing. I will include ones for my readers in the USA and one for my readers in the UK. Both magnets are by great company that have decided to manufacture magnets for our needs.

Best magnet fishing magnet US

This magnet fishing kit is for the US market only unfortunately, although you may be able to get shipping in the UK but it will be expensive. It is a real shame because it is absolutely awesome value for the quality of equipment! Maybe Brute Magnetics will one day start selling over there as they are missing out on a huge market potential.

Anyway this is Brute Magnetics brute box full kit. It has everything you will ever need to start magnet fishing and the magnet is powerful enough to haul out most funds you will come across. In actual fact it has a pulling force of around 880lb which is very good.

You can check the current best price by clicking the above photo which will take you to  Amazon. Many people are now choosing to use the Brute box because it contains everything that you need at a great price. I really do believe that Brute Magnetics are currently providing the best equipment for this hobby at the moment.

The best magnet fishing magnet UK.

As much as I wish I could recommend the above magnet to my UK readers, I cannot. Shipping fees would make it to expensive as it comes in a carry case and is quite heavy.

Do not worry though in the UK there are still plenty of great magnets available. If I was to recommend one it would be the one below. It is one that I use personally on a regular basis.

This magnet is a double sided magnet with a great pull force and has never failed me yet. It has a great build quality that will last and is made by another reputable company.

As usual you can click the photo to see the best price available.

This Wukong Magnet Fishing Magnet has a colossal 770kg pull force spread over the two sides. This means that each side of the magnet has a pull force of around 385kg!

Wukong are a company that are known for making great magnets and I can tell you from experience that it is perfect for what we do.

In conclusion…

There is such a huge choice of magnets available out there to choose from that it has become a bit of a minefield. No one wants to spend money on something that is not fit for the job and will just break up when it connects to a find.

This is why I recommend sticking to what is known to work well. If you choose to try the above magnets let me know in the comments section below what you think of them. Or if you decide otherwise let me know what you bought and well it works.

Choosing the right magnet can sometimes be a pain in the butt. However if you do some research or take some advice you will find the perfect one for you.

Happy magnet fishing!





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