This Is The Magnet Fishing Kit That You Need.

A photo of a fishing magnet and rope
The essential magnet fishing kit is a neodymium fishing magnet and rope.

I am going to make an assumption, if you have found yourself here you are looking to get into magnet fishing? Maybe you have seen it on the internet. Or you could have stumbled upon someone chucking a magnet into a river?

However you have ended up on this website I am going to show you all of the magnet fishing kit that you will need. If you are brand new to the hobby or if you are a seasoned pro it will be worth a read.

Whilst we are on the subject of brand new I would like to give you a link to another article on the Magnet Fishing Pro website. This article is a massive and complete magnet fishing guide that will teach you everything you need to know about magnet fishing. So if you are new to the hobby go check it out to get the perfect start.

Anyway let’s get back on track with this magnet fishing kit post. Below I will list out everything that you could possibly need and then I will give some examples of my favourite items. Hopefully it will answer your question of what do you need to start magnet fishing.

The magnet fishing kit that you will need.

Below is a list of all of the magnet fishing kit that you will ever need. If you are staring out do not worry, you do not need it all straight away. You can start with the basics and then get any other bits as you progress in the hobby. Luckily magnet fishing is a really cheap hobby to start!

Basic magnet fishing kit.

A photo of the magnet fishing kit
The essential magnet fishing kit is just a neodymium fishing magnet and rope.

These are the items of kit that you cannot magnet fish without. They should be the first items you purchase.

  • Neodymium fishing magnet.
  • Strong rope or paracord.
  • Safety gloves, waterproof are better but any that protect your hands are fine.

Non essential but recommended magnet fishing kit.

As the above title says really. Below are the items of magnet fishing kit that are not essential but I recommend that you get them as soon as you can.

  • Penknife/pocketknife or scissors- just in case you snag your rope on some fishing line or other rope. Check with your local laws before carrying a knife in public.
  • Antibacterial spray or wipes- magnet fishing is a dirty hobby and you will need this to kill any nasty germs from in the water.
  • Container or large carryall bag- somewhere to store all your magnet fishing finds ready to take home.
  • Grappling hook and rope- this will make your retrieval of awkward or large finds so much easier.
  • Lifejacket- Even am accomplished swimmer can get into trouble if they fall into a river, ideally a lifejacket should be worn when magnet fishing.
  • Determination- well you cannot purchase this but you need to find some. Magnet fishing is a fun hobby but if your not finding much and it’s is cold or wet a load of determination is needed!

The best magnet fishing kit.

So now we have been over all of the magnet fishing kit that we need. It is time to have a look at some of the recommended equipment.

Below are the items that I and many others use in this hobby. They are all time tested and will give you the perfect start in this hobby.

All are available on Amazon which is my favourite place to buy my magnet fishing kit from.

Best neodymium fishing magnet.

This is possibly the most important bit of magnet fishing kit, the neodymium fishing magnet. Without it you will certainly struggle to magnet fish.

I highly recommend a double sided neodymium fishing magnet. If you are getting started it will be perfect as the magnet will latch onto the find from both sides. The one below has more than enough power for most finds.

Double Side Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet, Combined 800LBS Pulling Force Super Strong Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt for Magnet Fishing and Salvage in River – 2.95″ Diameter

Now that you have your magnet let’s take a look at some good rope.

Best magnet fishing rope.

Another very important part of your magnet fishing kit is the rope. Without it you will not be able to retrieve your magnet and finds. A good quality rope is essential as there is nothing worse than it failing and losing your fishing magnet.

Below is my recommended rope which is plenty strong enough for dragging large finds in. It is good quality as well so will not snap which is a bonus!

Wukong Fishing Magnet Rope w/Carabiner, 6MM x 20M(65ft) Nylon Twisted Braided Rope,550 Lbs Breaking Strength All-Purpose Braided Rope Sports, Pet Toys, Crafts & Indoor Outdoor Use

Complete magnet fishing kit.

If you live in the US then you can buy the below magnet fishing kit. It is awesome!

Made by Pull Force Fishing who are a leader in this hobby, this kit contains all of the essential items. Along with the magnet, rope, eyebolt and also threadlock you get a cool safety carry case.

This is great because as you will find out moving and handling your magnet can be tricky. The carry box stops it from attaching to metal when you do not want it to during transportation.

Magnet Fishing Kit with 500lbs Pull Force Neodymium Magnet and Eyelet

In conclusion…

Hopefully this post has given you a few ideas as to what Magnet fishing kit you need to get started. Magnet fishing is a cool hobby that is generally quite cheap to get into compared to other hobbies.

If you have seen any other kit or equipment and you want some advice on it please comment below. I will be more than happy to help anyone that is looking to get into magnet fishing or for more information.

If you are looking at getting into the hobby please check out our complete magnet fishing guide it is free and will get you up and running.




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