Magnet fishing in the news, a couple of recent stories!

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The latest magnet fishing stories from the news.

I was looking for magnet fishing content on Google today when I came across two news stories. One of them is from a UK news channel and the second one is from Florida.

I thought I would share them on the blog as they were interesting and one of them made me spit my coffee out laughing! Anyway I hope you enjoy them.

Man goes magnet fishing with news reporter and pulls out a hand!

Yep you heard the title right!

Nigel Lamford has taken ITV Anglia down to his local magnet fishing spot to make a segment for the TV news station. The aim was to show them what the hobby of magnet fishing is all about.

Unfortunately for Nigel things took a turn for the worst! Whilst showing the reporter how to throw and retrieve a magnet he latched onto a find. Now what happened next is absolutely crazy.

Nigel gently pulled in his find and lifted it onto the bridge which he was fishing from. The find was tightly wrapped in cling film and had a noticeable shape. Upon further investigation it appeared to be a severed hand holding some kind of weight!

A photo of an unexpected magnet fishing find
Unexpected magnet fishing find, courtesy of ITV Anglia News.

Without hesistation and in front of the tv camera crew Nigel called the police who swiftly made their way down there.

Now here comes the funny part. After examining the find the police concluded that it was actually a hand from a mannequin which had an iron weight attached!

Nigels theory is that someone threw it in as a prank knowing that he was going to go magnet fishing down there. If so I bet they didn’t expect a tv crew to be filming it. If you would like to read the full story and also see the video check out this link. Which will take you to the article on the ITV news website.

Man takes grenade he found magnet fishing to Taco Bell.

This one could of turned out a hell of a lot worse than it did. However it is an excellent lesson for everyone on what you should not do with an explosive find.

An unnamed Florida man went magnet fishing in Ocklawaha where he cast in and pulled out a suspected WW2 hand grenade. Now normally you would ring the emergency services as a top priority and not touch the explosive device. However this plonker decided to take it for a quick drive instead!

He decided that the best course of action would be to drive to the local Taco Bell restaurant and then inform the authorities. This resulted in law enforcement raining down on the area and also evacuating the restaurant and block.

Fortunately the grenade did not go off. It was however confirmed to be a live WW2 hand grenade.

A photo of a hand grenade
The grenade that a Florida man took to Taco Bell.

Take note from this article. If you ever find anything you suspect to be an explosive do not carry it anywhere and inform the authorities immediately.

If you would like to have a read of the full story then this link will take you there. Bye for now!





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