Magnet fishing for guns, is it the ultimate magnet fishing find?

A photo of a gun found magnet fishing
A gun found when magnet fishing.

I was at work today thinking about magnet fishing and I got round to thinking what the best find is. A part of me thinks that safes and cash boxes are the best. Another part of me thinks that guns take the top spot! I would love to hear what your ultimate magnet fishing find is. Let me know in the comments section and if you have photos I will do a blog post about it. Anyway back on topic, today we are talking about magnet fishing guns.

Finding guns while magnet fishing.

A photo of a gun found magnet fishing
An old machine gun found whilst magnet fishing.

Now whilst they are not the most common magnet fishing finds, guns do come up quite regularly. Usually when you are least expecting it.

If you live in the UK where guns in general are banned the majority of guns you find will have been used in crime. Criminals will use the weapon in a robbery or even worse and dispose of it in canals or rivers. That is the reason why so many are found around the large cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Just imagine finding a gun with your magnet in a canal and handing it in to the police. The police then manage to link it to a certain crime and it helps bring someone naughty to justice! Quite an exciting prospect.

The family in this news article found a whole bag of guns that were disposed of by criminals. The bag contained ha d guns and shotguns and were safely handed over to the police. It is amazing what you can find in our rivers and canals.

In this below video UK magnet fishing YouTuber DrasticG finds a Mac 10 Uzi in a north London river!

Guns found magnet fishing in the US and rest of the world.

Obviously in the US it is legal to own a firearm if you have the correct papers for it. That does not mean that you are less likely to find a gun whilst magnet fishing there. People still commit crimes and still want to dispose of weapons in a place they think no one will find them.  Again you are better off magnet fishing around big cities with higher crime rates. This will increase your chance of finding a gun hugely.  I can just imagine some Mafia Don quivering in the corner of a room at the fear of being exposed by Ned and his neodymium magnet!

Old war guns magnet fishing continental Europe.

There was a huge amount of war and fighting in continental Europe with WW1 and WW2. I cannot imagine the amount of weapons that were lost or disposed of in that time in waterways. Old sub machine guns and handguns and rifles are decent finds from areas of continental Europe. The below video is one of the most watched magnet fishing videos on YouTube. It is about finding old machine guns and there are some amazing finds, enjoy!

I will leave this blog post there but please as I said earlier let me know if you agree. Are guns the most exciting find for us magnet fishers or do you think there is better?

If you are new to magnet fishing I recommend having a read of our Ultimate guide to magnet fishing which will teach you everything there is to know. Or if you already know what you are doing but need the equipment check out the Essential kit page

I hope you have enjoyed reading and happy Magnet Fishing!

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