Can You Find Coins When You Go Magnet Fishing?

This is another most asked question from the google auto suggest. It seems people ask google quite a few times to see if they can find coins whilst magnet fishing. That is what we are going to find out today!

Can you find coins magnet fishing?

A quick answer to this question is yes, you can and will find coins whilst magnet fishing. However, they might not be the coins that you were hoping to find. Generally, only new coins are magnetic and this is because of an iron/steel core. The Royal Mint wanted to cut down on the cost of producing coins so instead of using copper they made copper sleeves over steel cores. This means that new coins are magnetic.

Which coins are magnetic?

As I mentioned only newer coins are magnetic and these are the magnet fishing coins that you will find. When you find them depending on how long they have been in the water you will notice they “bust” their jackets. What happens is the water penetrates the jacket part of the coins and gets to the iron core. This in turn rusts and corrodes and bubbles through. I used to find loads of them in this state whilst metal detecting on the beach.

Here is a list of all the UK and US magnetic coins that you can find magnet fishing:

Magnetic UK coins.

  • 1p and 2p coins were changed from bronze to copper plated steel from the date 1992.
  • 5p and 10p coins were changed from cupro-nickel to nickel plated steel from the date 2011.

Magnetic US coins.

  • 1943 steel cent.

As you can see the US has not been so cheap when producing their new coins. They only have one old coin from around the time of WW2 that is magnetic. However the word out is that they are considering moving over to steel core to save manufacturing costs, so watch this space.

Are there any valuable coins that I can find magnet fishing.

No unfortunately not. All the coins that we would love to find are not magnetic. This is because in days gone by coins were made of bronze, copper, silver and even gold. All of these metals are not magnetic so we cannot get them on our magnets.

I hope this blog post has answered the question of which coins you will find magnet fishing.



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