Magnet fishing canals for treasure

A photo of the best place to magnet fish
Canals are the best place to magnet fish.

I briefly wrote about the best areas to magnet fish in the magnet fishing guide. This post is going to be looking deeper at one of the best places to go. What you can expect to find there and what to look out for. By the end of this guide you will be finding treasure by the bucketful!

The best magnet fishing location.

If you live close by to a canal then you have literally the best magnet fishing area that there is. There is just something about these areas that draw people in and have done for eternity. People are drawn to water for leisure, relaxation and work and this means great finds potential. Now let’s have a look at why these are are such a magnet for underwater ferrous treasures.

Magnet fishing canals.

A photo of a canal
Canals are one of the best places to go magnet fishing.

Canals are my top magnet fishing location. They where man made specifically for transportation of goods but in recent times they are used mostly for recreation. So many people have used them over the years and there has been so many lost or disposed of items in there.

What can you find when magnet fishing in canals?

As with most bodies of water you could potentially find anything. However it is common knowledge that canals have more than there fair share of hidden finds. From the mundane steel frames and railings right through to cash boxes and stolen motorcycles.

For some strange reason canals are the perfect hiding spot for objects that have been involved in criminal activity. I think that maybe it is because we have canals around our major cities. These cities have high crime rates and where best to dispose of the evidence?!

I highly doubt that our criminals expected a hobby to catch on like ours. One where our aim to fish out all the items that they have tossed in.

A picture of some magnet fishing finds
What will you catch when you go magnet fishing in a canal?

Here is a list of some of the finds you can expect to find magnet fishing in a canal:

  • Cash boxes and safes.
  • Guns and ammunition.
  • Knives and other hand held weapons.
  • Scooters and motorcycles.
  • Kids scooters and bicycles.
  • Iron railings and pipes.
  • General scrap metal.

As mentioned you could find anything that has been tossed in a canal. Let me know in the comments section what you best find has been from a canal. I would love to hear and I will get it added to this list!

Areas to look out for when magnet fishing in a canal.

Do not get me wrong anywhere along a canal could potentially offer great finds. However there are some areas and features that you need to look out for. Looking for them could seriously increase your finds rate.

Magnet fishing next to canal bridges.

Bridges are one of the most amazing areas to magnet fish. They are designed to let people cross over the water. As such there is a lot of activity around bridges and a lot of things dropped or even thrown off them. Think about it, if you wanted to “dispose” of something wouldn’t you want to get it in the deepest middle part of the canal? It is so much easier to drop it over the edge of the bridge.

Picnic areas and other public areas.

A photo of a picnic area next to a canal
There are loads of finds to be had magnet fishing near picnic areas.

It makes sense to try around areas where people have had picnics. Many people go and sit by canals on warm sunny days and enjoy picnics or just chill out. These areas can be great for finds because of all this activity. Well worth a chuck of the magnet if you find one.

In conclusion….

If you go magnet fishing in a canal you are going to find some amazing things. They are a real hotspot and a have been used for so long that they are ripe for the picking. I hope this magnet fishing canal guide has given you some useful information. As always any feedback and comments are more than welcome.

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