Do you want to start magnet fishing? Here is what you need to magnet fish.

A photo showing how to start magnet fishing

Have you read all the latest news stories or seen some crazy YouTube magnet fishing videos? Now you want to take part in this hobby but what do you need to start magnet fishing? This is a list of all the things you need to get going! It does not matter if you are planning to magnet fish in the USA, UK or anywhere else in the world, these are the things you will need.

How to start magnet fishing.

This list is not in any particular order but it has everything you will need to get started magnet fishing.

  • A powerful neodymium magnet with an eyebolt. I personally think the best fishing magnet is a double sided one.
  • A length of very strong rope 20-30m should do.
  • A good pair of gloves to protect your hands.
  • Your going to need a body of water to throw your magnet in. A local Canal, river or lake will be just fine for this.
  • Something to store all your finds in like a sports bag or a big tub.
  • An old towel and some antibacterial hand sanitizer to wash off all the dirt.
  • Finally some good old grit and determination as it can get very muddy and cold out there!
A photo showing determination
You need to show grit and determination in magnet fishing sometimes….

The below products are for the American market. Although you can stilll get them in the UK market I would instead check out our Essential magnet fishing kit page. It is personalised with the same products but from the UK cutting down on shipping times.


Which is the best fishing magnet?

Now that this hobby is hitting the mainstream there are lots of manufacturers making fishing magnets. Like everything though some are good at it and some are not. I have used many magnets in my time and below is one of the ones that I recommend for anyone looking to start magnet fishing. It is double sided and nice and powerful with a good pulling force. There is a nice strong stainless steel eyebolt for tying on your rope.

Wukong Double Sided Fishing Magnet, Combined 660 LBS Pulling Force Super Strong Neodymium Round Magnet for Magnetic Fishing, Underwater Treasure Hunting Tool for Magnet Fishing – 2.36″ Diameter

Good strong magnet fishing rope.

There is no point in having a really powerful magnet if you are going to lose it due to weak rope. Believe me I have been there and it isn’t funny. You need good quality rope that is strong enough to deal with the larger finds that you will come across. If you are just getting started magnet fishing I recommend the below rope. It is amazing and I still use it myself now after all these years!

Wukong Fishing Magnet Rope w/Carabiner, 6MM x 20M(65ft) Nylon Twisted Braided Rope,550 Lbs Breaking Strength All-Purpose Braided Rope Sports, Pet Toys, Crafts & Indoor Outdoor Use

Strong waterproof safety gloves.

Over the years in my day job I have cut my hands badly, on two occasions I have cut tendons and put myself out of actions for months. I learnt my lesson the hard way and now I always protect my hands when there is a chance of hurting them. One of the biggest dangers in magnet fishing is hurting your hands. Whether it be by trapping it between the magnet and metal (ouchhh). Or by grabbing a sharp rusty bit of metal. Protect your hands with a good pair of safety gloves. The ones below are great and I use them myself.

Waterproof Work Gloves 2 Pairs/Pack, Non-Slip Tough Durable Safety Gloves, Ideal for Gardening Watering Fishing Kitchen Car Repairing Cleaning Multipurpose Use.

Grit and determination…

I bet you read on to find out where you can get some grit and determination haha! Well you have plenty that is why you are looking into how to start magnet fishing. This hobby is amazing and it will fill you with my fun outdoor hours and memories.

If you are totally new to magnet fishing I highly recommend that you have a read of our complete guide. It contains everything you could possibly need to know about the hobby from start to finish. After reading it you will be ready to magnet fishing like a pro. If you would like to have a look then click here The complete magnet fishing guide.

I would like to welcome you to the world of magnet fishing and really hope you enjoy this wacky hobby!


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