How does magnet fishing work

How does magnet fishing work that is the question

Earlier today I was having a think about a magnet fishing topic to write about in this blog post. I decided to head to google and started typing in a search query. Google has this awesome auto suggest feature that suggests questions that others had asked. One of the top ones is the topic of today’s blog post, how does magnet fishing work? A simple question but if you are not familiar with magnet fishing then it is something you may wonder. Anyway I will get on with answering it!

How does magnet fishing work?

The basic theory of magnet fishing is pretty simple really. First of all you need a really powerful neodymium magnet and an equally strong length of rope. You then head down to some water such as a canal, river or lake and cast it in the water. You literally throw the magnet as far as you can. Now you are ready to reel in your catch. Slowly and steadily pull the rope in until you reach dry land again. At this point you can check to see if you have any ferrous items stuck to the magnet. That is how Magnet Fishing works.

Magnet fishing can be as complicated as you want.

As i said magnet fishing is very simple but it can get more complicated as you advance through the hobby. There are so many different magnet to choose from with varying pulling forces. Then you can spend ages researching potential areas to try. Researching areas that have seen a lot of activity can really increase your finds rate!

Here at Magnet Fishing Pro we are all about helping you out with the best tips. You will find so many pages and posts filled with everything you need to know. I really suggest if your new to the hobby that you check out the Complete magnet fishing guide. It covers every aspect of the hobby from beginning to end and has a table of contents so you can skip to any bits you need. The perfect start to your journey into the magnet fishing hobby!



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