Essential Magnet Fishing Kit

This page has all of the essential magnet fishing kit and equipment  that you will need to get started. I have tracked down all the best prices possible whilst still maintaining that the gear is of great quality.

These items are ones that I use myself in my magnet fishing kit. You will find that they are great value for money and of the best quality. Absolutely perfect to get you started on your journey or even if you are a seasoned pro.

The best magnet for magnet fishing.

This magnet is a double sided magnet. This is the best magnet for magnet fishing as there is more chance that you will hook onto the object. The combined magnetic pull of each side is 400kg. So each side of the magnet has a 200kg pull which is more than enough to lift out most objects from the water. I highly recommend this magnet and it is one of the ones I use myself.

Uolor Double Side Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet, Combined 420KG Pulling Force Super Strong Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt for Magnet Fishing and Retrieving in River – 75mm Diameter

The next recommended magnet below is a single magnet made by Wukong which is one of the best makes available . It is a downward facing magnet and has the eye for tying directly above. This is one of the best magnet for magnet fishing. Most people who go magnetic fishing prefer to use this type. However both these magnets will do the job just fine so it is down to personal preference.

Wukong Neodymium Magnet Fishing Magnet Diameter x 75mm Holding Traction 407LB(185KG),Eyebolt Magnets for Fishing and Salvage in River

If you would like a much more powerful magnet then the one below is the one you need. It is a very powerful neodymium magnet that will help to pull out almost and object from the water. It is very good quality and as such will last you for a very long time with no need to upgrade in the future. I really recommend considering this magnet from the start.  It is an N52 grade neodymium magnet so is top quality.

Wukong 1146LBS Pulling Force(520KG) Magnetic Grade N52 Round Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt and Countersunk Hole Diameter 4.72INCH(120mm) Great for Magnetic Fishing-The Largest Magnet On Amazon.

Strong magnet fishing rope.

You would really struggle magnet fishing without a lenth of decent rope. The rope you use for magnet fishing needs to be very strong as some of the finds can be very heavy.

We recommend using the rope shown below which is made by Wukong. It is an ultra strong braided rope that comes in two sizes. The 8mm version has a breaking strain of 250kg while the 6mm breaks at 150kg. This rope is perfect for your magnet fishing kit with the above magnets. It is light, yet very strong and durable.

WuKong Fishing Magnet Rope 20 Meters,Fishing Magnet Rope 20 Meters, Salvage Rop with Safety Lock, Heavy Rope, Diameter 6mm Safe and Durable

Magnet fishing gloves.

Magnet Fishing takes place in some quite mucky water sometimes. Also you never know what you might have stuck to your magnet. In the interests of safety and hygiene you should always wear gloves for magnet fishing.

The below gloves are perfect for the job, they are water resistant and have great grip when dry or wet. They also offer protection from sharp bits of metal. It is highly recommended to wear hand protection when magnet fishing.


Penknife for cutting rope and fishing line.

There are so many situations when magnet fishing that a penknife or multi tool would come in handy. The amount of times that I have got a big knotted rope due to fishing line or other rope is incredible. So I highly recommend the one below which is under the legal size limit and will do everything you need of it.

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Pocket Knife, Red

Grappling hook for magnet fishing.

This might not be an essential bit of magnet fishing equipment but it will save you a load of time and hassle. When pulling in a large object a grappling hook can provide you with extra support and pulling power. Perfect for bringing in finds such as Scooters, bikes and cash boxes!

Latinaric Stainless Steel Grappling Hook with 4 Folding Claws for Camping Hiking Survival Tree Rock Mountain Climbing Load 350 KG

Now that you have all of the best magnet fishing kit and equipment you are ready to go find some treasures. If you have not already checked it out I suggest having a read of our complete magnet fishing guide. It will teach you everything you could ever want to know about this fascinating hobby.

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