Can You Find Gold And Silver When Magnet Fishing.

Can a magnet pick up gold

This is a question that anyone who is curious about magnet fishing asks.

Will a magnet pick up gold when magnet fishing?

Unfortunately for us magnet fishers the answer isĀ NO.

Is gold magnetic? Gold does react to a magnetic field especially in a mixed down alloy state. However even though gold will magnetise ever so slightly once in a magnetic field it will actually repel away from a magnet a little bit. This means that unless your gold is fake and has an iron core it will not be picked up by a magnet unfortunately. So if you manage to pick up gold with a magnet you need to take your gold back to where you got it from and complain.

Can you pick up gold with a magnet, no

OK what about silver, is silver magnetic?

Again no, silver is not magnetic and reacts to magnets similarly to gold. In actual fact no pure precious metals are attracted to magnets. The only metals that stick to a magnet are ferrous metals such as iron. Ferrous metals are highly magnetic and are what you will attract when magnet fishing.

Here is a list of metals that are not magnetic-

  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Bronze.
  • Titanium
  • Aluminium.
  • Copper.

What kind of treasure is made of iron?

So we are not going to be pulling up gold rings with our magnets when magnet fishing. That does not mean that we will not find cool things! You would be surprised at the amount of items that iron was used for over years.

Did you know that many old swords were made of iron? Or how about old muskets and rifles? There are so many things that are made of iron that you could find when magnet fishing.

A picture of an old Viking iron sword

Just because a magnet will not pick up gold there are still so many good things to find. Why not head over to our complete magnet fishing guide and get the best start into this interesting hobby!


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