Beware of cheap magnets on eBay and Amazon

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Magnet fishing has gotten very popular over the last couple of years. As with anything that gets popular there is a whole host of manufacturers that pop up to sell the item. Now whilst this is great and creates some price wars resulting in cheap fishing magnets it also allows some companies to sell dodgy ones. If you are new to magnet fishing you may not always know which ones are good and which ones are bad. This will leave you with a magnet that is not fit for the job and can easily break!

Avoiding cheap and nasty fishing magnets.

You may have heard the saying “once bitten, twice as shy”. Well unfortunately I was bitten twice when buying magnets. That’s right, yours truly ended up buying 2 separate magnets for a cheap price and got two useless lumps of magnet.

Since then I have bought quite a number of different ones and also learned how to spot bad ones from the adverts. One of the aims of Magnet Fishing Pro is to bring you honest fishing magnet reviews. We want to be able to help you buy a good one safe in the knowledge it has our seal of approval. We totally understand that you may just want to go and buy your own researched magnet. That is fine and with this guide hopefully you should get a decent one.

If however you do not feel confident enough or do not want to risk buying the wrong one, we can help. If you look to the right hand sidebar you will see our magnet reviews. These are tried and tested magnets that are quality products. Also this Link will take you to our essential magnet fishing gear page. There you can see all of our recommended magnet fishing kit.

Fake neodymium magnets on eBay and Amazon.

Yep you heard the title right! There are many sellers out there now that are selling fake magnets. Now I am not talking about fake as in they are not magnetic. These are still magnets and will attract metal however they are ferrite magnets. If you would like to read why I recommend you do not buy a ferrite fishing magnet have a read of this blog post.

The problem we face is that manufacturers are taking these ferrite magnets and painting them. They paint them silver to make them look like neodymium magnets as normally ferrite is a dark slate grey colour. So you end up buying the fishing magnet and get a fraction of the pulling power you should have and a brittle magnet that can shatter on contact.

The problem is that it can be hard to spot. However sometimes the sellers are honest about it but say that it is a ferrite magnet in the small print.

The size of the magnet matters.

This tends to be a growing problem with some of the sellers. They are now professional photographers and are managing to make the magnets look so much bigger than they really are.

You will generally see the size of the magnet in the description and I recommend using a measure to see the size before you buy. You may see a very strong magnet but if it is small and squat you will find it too small for the job. I highly recommend buying magnets that are 70mm and bigger.

A few tried and tested magnets for you.

The below magnets are ones that we have used. They are the best quality magnets without being a rip off price. All are good magnets for magnet fishing and will save you buying fake magnets.

This first magnet is a double sided magnet from a great manufacturer. It is perfectly sized and has a decent pulling power. Being double sided it also means that you have a greater surface area which will lead to a higher finds rate. I personally use this one and really recommend it as it is a great product. This is not one of the fakes that I talked about above!

Uolor Double Side Round Neodymium Fishing Magnet, Combined 420KG Pulling Force Super Strong Neodymium Magnet with Eyebolt for Magnet Fishing and Retrieving in River – 75mm Diameter

The next magnet is a single sided magnet that features an eyebolt at the top. Again it has great pulling power and is of a good size. I recommend this for beginners who just want to get started in the hobby.

Wukong Neodymium Magnet Fishing Magnet Diameter x 75mm Holding Traction 407LB(185KG),Eyebolt Magnets for Fishing and Salvage in River

I hope that this magnet buying guide has helped you not to make the same mistakes I did. If the price looks too good to be true the chances are that it is. Stick to recommended and tested magnets and you will not go wrong.

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