A little bit about this magnet fishing blog and website.

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When I started this magnet fishing blog and website I really did not think it would get to where it is today! It is really starting to fly and people seem to be really enjoying the guides. I just want this blog post to be a little about the aims and goals.

Why I started this magnet fishing blog and website.

I have always enjoyed building small websites as a hobby. These small websites have generally been about my actual hobbies such as metal detecting and investing. Last year I had a light bulb moment when I was thinking about making a new website. Why not try to create the best online magnet fishing resource!

There are a few different magnet fishing websites and blogs on the net. However they all seem to make a magnet fishing guide and then leave it at that. That was my intention too, I wanted to write the best magnet fishing guide that i possibly could. My hope was that it would help people who are new to the hobby get some ideas. I planned to leave the website at that but then it dawned on me.

I wanted to create something better, I wanted to create guides for every aspect of the hobby.  It was decided that I wanted to write trusted reviews to help others from my own experiences. Now Magnet Fishing Pro is literally the biggest magnet fishing website out there. There are loads of great reviews, guides and tips to help people get a good start in the hobby.

So is the magnet fishing blog going well?

I think so. It is very inspiring to look at the websites analytics and see how many visitors are coming to read the guides. From all over the world people are getting hints and tips!

People are sharing the guides and blog posts on social media and online communities which is amazing. Hopefully soon there will be some feedback left in the comments section but so far it all looks very positive.

What is the future for this blog?

Well I am not going anywhere. I will be continuing to write new guides and give out tips.

There has recently been a metal detector review part to the website added. I decided to do this because it is what got me into magnet fishing and I have used so many detectors. I will be adding more reviews as the site grows.

Hopefully in the future readers will start submitting their magnet fishing finds and stories. You can do this by using the contact page and I will write them up and post them to the website.

All in all I am very proud with how the magnet fishing website is shaping up.

If you are new here have a look at some of the guides featured in the right hand side bar or page navigation at the top. Alternatively you can go straight to the blog which is where all the new articles go. If you have accidentally stumbled upon this post but are curious to learn more then check out this Link. That is where you will find our ultimate guide to magnet fishing!

Until next time.

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My name is Andy Baines and I have been a prominent figure in the treasure hunting world for coming up to a decade on various platforms such as YouTube and blogger. On Magnet Fishing Pro I like to share my wealth of knowledge and experience in the form of guides and blog posts to help you progress in the hobbies of magnet fishing and metal detecting. You can read more about my treasure hunting journey in my About Me pageOr if you would like to view my magnet fishing and metal detecting YouTube channel please see this link 

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