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Magnet fishing is a fun hobby that the whole family can get into but it’s not the only hobby that involves hunting for lost treasures.
In this article, we will look at some other fun types of treasure hunting that you should add to your treasure hunting activities.

Actually looking for hidden treasure that is rumoured to exist.

Did you know there was a man named Thomas J Beale who has claimed to have buried treasure in the 1820s rumoured to be worth over 43 million USD in today’s money? He wrote 3 cypher texts as clues to the location somewhere in the United States and then hid it. People are still trying to crack the cyphers and find the treasure to this very day. There are many stories like this one about hidden treasure all over the world. A few are likely to be hoaxes or myths but some are true, some have been found and have given the finders fame and fortune. There was an art dealer and author named Forrest Fenn who hid a cache of gold and jewels in the Rocky Mountains, it was found about 10 years later in 2020 by an anonymous treasure hunter. Do some research and see if there is a story about hidden treasure near you, it could be your chance to find fame and fortune.

Yard / Garage Sales

You can find a lot of valuables at garage sales. I have a friend who goes to garage sales to buy goods for his second-hand shop. He often buys goodies for next to nothing and sells them for much more than he paid for them. People tend to accumulate too much stuff and eventually just want to get rid of it. My friend also looks in the paper for deceased estate sales, sometimes you can find old items that can be worth a lot of money. You can find valuable items like old paintings, furniture and jewellery that people are practically giving away.


I used to make my living going to live auctions and buying any items I thought would sell well on eBay. I was pretty successful doing that. I’d buy a very wide range of items like jewellery, clothing, cars, electronics, computers and machinery. I’d have to do my research to learn the value of each item. It was fun and exciting when I managed to get myself some really big bargains, which happened a lot. You can look in the paper or online for live Auctions in your area. A lot of auctions have gone online now and although they can be good, from my experience the best finds are at the live auctions. You might have heard about the TV show Storage Wars, which is also a form of Auction where you bid on the contents of abandoned storage sheds. If you’ve seen this show you can see how fun and exciting that form of treasure hunting can be.

Dumpster Diving

I know it sounds pretty bad and I personally wouldn’t want to do it, but some people make a lot of money out of dumpster diving. Before I continue I must say that you better check the legality of this activity. Apparently, rubbish is fair game but if it is on private property, you may be trespassing. Some businesses throw away stuff that could be of value. I’ve heard about someone who goes into dumpsters late at night at places like Office Depot and finds a lot of stuff that he re-sells. You can also find recyclable cans and bottles that you can exchange for cash at a recycler. Most plastic bottles in my town are recyclable, you can get 10 cents each for them. Every week when we put our bins out for the garbage man, someone comes down our street and goes through the bins for these bottles. 10 cents a bottle can add up to a lot.

Gem Hunting

I’ve done this before in central Queensland, Australia and I can testify that it’s pretty fun. There are active mines that for a small fee you can go to dig and pan for gems or precious metals. They will give you the tools and show you how to do it. You can actually find gems, rocks and precious metals that could be worth big money and you get to keep what you find. When I did it, I did see someone find a pretty big opal but I didn’t find anything of value. You don’t have to go to a mine either, there are creeks that have had discoveries of gold in the past that you can go to and still pan for gold. You may need to apply for a prospecting licence for that area before you start.

Metal Detecting

Have you ever seen those people at the beach with their metal detectors? Lots of things are lost at the beach, some of it’s pretty valuable as well. You can find money, watches and jewellery. People also search in fields looking for old lost valuables. There is a big community of metal detecting treasure hunters. A prime spot is underwater, you can get waterproof metal detectors and go hunting under the water, it’s incredible how much gets lost in oceans, rivers and lakes. Below is a list of places you can go metal detecting.

Old goldfields and minerals exploration areas
Abandoned mining sites
Cultural heritage sites
Ghost towns
Historical places
Abandoned sites
Showgrounds and racecourses
Picnic areas
Old Battlefields
Sports and camping grounds
Swimming places
Parks and playgrounds
Under piers and jetties

Meteorite Hunting

This is the search for space rocks. The definition of a meteorite is a piece of rock or metal that has fallen to the earth’s surface from outer space. Over 90 per cent of meteorites are rock while the remainder consists wholly or partly of iron and nickel. They can land anywhere and people search for them. The easiest locations to find meteorites are in places where there are no natural rocks like the desert or wide fields. There have been a lot found in Antarctica. Their value can vary depending on their composition and rarity. Some can be very valuable. There is a large community of meteorite hunters that are often also interested in geology. There is a documentary reality TV show called Meteorite Men about some Meteorite hunters in the US that gained some popularity. If you do want to hunt for meteorites, you need to be aware that the meteorite belongs to the owner of the land it’s found on.


In conclusion, there are lots of ways to treasure hunt, I’ve only just scratched the surface.

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