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Welcome to the Magnet Fishing Pro website the best magnet fishing website on the internet. Hopefully if you have found yourself here you were searching for Magnet Fishing content. If not then do not worry, we will soon have you converted to this weird yet fun hobby!

Many people are now taking part and the hobby is growing exponentially. Over at this corner of the internet we like to showcase all the best finds along with guides, tips and tricks to help you take part.

Getting into magnet fishing is pretty straightforward and it is a cheap hobby to get going with. The rewards for taking part are huge and it is just an extremely enjoyable thing to try. Anyway let us now have a look at what magnet fishing is and have a read of some of the awesome guides.

A photo of a fishing magnet
Click here to read our Ultimate magnet fishing guide, the best free start for your magnet fishing journey.

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing is a new hobby that has evolved from metal detecting. The aim is to throw powerful neodymium magnets attached to rope into a body of water such as a canal or lake. You then  pull the rope and magnet back on to dry land and hopefully have some ferrous metal attached. All sorts of exciting things can be found when magnet fishing.

A little deeper…

Around the UK and USA and many other places in the world we have some beautiful old waterways. These rivers, canals and lakes have been crossed by man since the dawn of time. Many people will have lost metallic objects whilst trying to cross these bodies of water. Not to mention all the other items people have intentionally thrown in over the years!  The aim is to retrieve these objects using very strong neodymium magnets and rope. This is a fun hobby that helps to keep you active and is a great way to get into treasure hunting and history.

If you would like to find out how to get started in this hobby then have a read of our ultimate beginners magnet fishing guide. It will teach you everything you need to know to successfully start magnet fishing like a pro!

If you already know how to magnet fish and are looking for some of the best magnet fishing kit available then check out this link. Here you will find all of our favourite equipment from magnets to grappling hooks!

If you need any help or have any questions please feel free to comment on any post. Otherwise you can use the contact form located on the contact page. We will do all we can to help you start magnetic fishing!

Why would anyone want to find rubbish in water?

Hey! One mans trash is another mans treasure.

No, in all seriousness you would be surprised at some of the cool things you can find . It is not uncommon to see old safes that have been thrown in sometimes with its contents still intact. Or how about discarded weapons? Half of the fun is that you never know what you will find next. Not to mention, it is very good exercise. Also kids will love to come Magnet Fishing with you. Providing hours of fun, active, family bonding time.

What will you catch when you go magnet fishing? Have a look at some of the awesome magnet fishing finds that you could be making

A picture of some magnet fishing finds
What will you catch when you go magnet fishing?

How will Magnet Fishing Pro help me?

We cater for anyone who is interested in magnet fishing in the US or the UK and worldwide. Bringing you all of the best tips, tricks, reviews and more to help you progress in the hobby. You will not find another website about this hobby that offers so much information in one place. If you want to see some of our guides and tips then head over the the Magnet fishing blog

Whatever stage of your journey you are at we would like to welcome you to the website. You will find loads of resources here to help you progress, from guides to reviews. This website is jam packed with magnet fishing tips and tricks.

As mentioned in the about me page I started magnet fishing as an extension to metal detecting. With that in mind I have started to add some metal detector reviews. These reviews are honest and based totally on my own experiences of using the detectors. If you would like to read them then use the drop down menu above.

Also if you would like your YouTube magnet fishing videos featured on this website do not hesitate to get in contact. Or if you have some cool finds you would like to share contact me and I will feature these also! I would like to thank you for visiting our website and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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